Whose America

from by Seth Adam



This is the third song from the year long album project, "East Rock."

The past few years, and especially this current (2016) presidential election cycle, appears to have given rise to the notion that America "belongs" to someone. To whom it belongs... well, I thought it was quite obvious: anyone that is here.

The rise of "he-who-shall-remain-unnamed-but-rhymes-with-rump" has fanned the flames of populism, and in my opinion (and the opinion of many others) unearthed racism.

There is a Christian element that questions our modern culture as well, one that is appalled that men can now legally marry men, and women can legally marry women.

And of course, there is the longstanding elements of racism in our beloved United States that never seems to go away.

Given the swell of these issues, and more, it just hit me... If I was to ask a supporter of "making America great again," I would simply ask him/her: "Whose America do you want this to be?" No judgement. I'm just curious.

And this question goes beyond contemporary times. I mean, who is 'really' running the show, anyway? I have a feeling we don't even know.

I'm not sure that I want to know the answer, but I think it's important that we look inward and ask ourselves that question - for the future, for our children's future, as we all take up space in this melting pot called the United States, and for that matter, the world.

"East Rock" is a year long project for 2016 where I intend to write and record songs out of my house and neighborhood in New Haven. There will be a new song each month (or I'll try), and I will be playing every instrument on each song. "East Rock" is a play on words - I live in the East Rock section of New Haven, and the music is "rock" from the "east coast."



Rattle your sabers and shout your cursing words
When it doesn't cut your skin, then it doesn't really hurt
There is no compromise if it's outside your belief
You're so courageous when you take away from me

So whose America are you wanting it to be?
Whose America do you think that it should be?

Go ahead and build your wall to keep the brown ones out
Keep your institutions up to keep the black ones down
Jesus must be crying when we're helping out the gays
And those with different gods must be put back in their place

So whose America are you wanting it to be?
Whose America do you think that it should be?

White wash in your desperation
Coloring is infestation
When you take this obligation
to degrees of separation
Learn to love instead of hating
But you'll just continue waiting
for something that's never changing
Whose America is this?

As long as it's someone else, then there's no pain to be felt
Celebrate your victory that's another person's Hell
Don't you dare be reaching out to lend someone a hand
When it's just a bastard son from some foreign land

So whose America are you wanting it to be?
Whose America do you think that it should be?


from East Rock, track released June 24, 2016
Words and music written by Seth Adam
©2016, Seth Adam, BMI

Recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered, and produced by Seth Adam

Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lead guitar, drums, bass, tambourine, shakers, lead vocals and harmony vocals by Seth Adam



all rights reserved


Seth Adam New Haven, Connecticut

‘Songwriter of the year’ Nominee - 2016 The New England Music Awards

Singer/songwriter Seth Adam writes compelling, genuine songs with honest lyrics. The alt-country, Americana rocker draws comparisons to Counting Crows, Tom Petty, Ryan Adams and Jason Isbell. ... more


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